Caribbean-Atlantic District

"Small in size, yet strong in service."      

District Projects



This amazing initiative has connected members from countries all around the district. After signing up and taking a short test created to learn more about each key clubber, pairs were put together across the Caribbean Atlantic District and many people gained a new pal. This made a great opportunity for these key clubbers to discuss experiences doing service in different countries, learn more about each other personally,crack jokes and have interesting conversations, a great way to unite all Caribbean Atlantic District members, although we may be divided by sea.


                                      The Free Rice Project
                                             Helping others no matter the distance.                                                                                                           Ending world hunger

On the Free rice website/ app, hundreds of key clubbers from the Caribbean-Atlantic District have signed up to eliminate the effects of world hunger. With each of the subject based questions answered correctly, 10 grains of rice are donated to those in need. We as a district are able to learn, have fun, and help out in this amazing way, giving food to those who don't have much although we are oceans away.  

Our goal: 1.5 million grains    Currently at: 711,910

                                                              E- Appreciation Cards 
                                       Thank You Essential Workers!

During this difficult time of Covid-19 our essential workers have been our backbone, ensuring that we are all
safe and provided for, around the world and especially in the Caribbean. To show our gratitude as a district we decided to create and distribute e-cards to thank all our front liners, from the Caribbean Islands , including doctors,nurses, government officials, waste collectors, police, firemen and supermarket and gas station workers. All of these were sent out via email to the respective countries and this thank you gift of beautifully and personally designed cards proved to be a success, reaching  and touching the hearts of essential workers from all over the region.

~To our front liners:  From the bottom of our hearts, the Key Club Caribbean-Atlantic District is grateful for all you have done and hope you remain safe and healthy !

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