Caribbean-Atlantic District

"Small in size, yet strong in service."      

Origin of The 
Caribbean-Atlantic District

The Caribbean Atlantic District was originally a part of the Eastern Canada and Caribbean District. At this time Barbados operated as a separate entity under the guidelines of district members from Eastern Canada. Jamaica, Bahamas, Trinidad, Aruba, Dominica and St. Lucia are some of the islands that were also a part of Eastern Canada District.

According to the Constitution & By laws of Key Club International, to form a new district, the proposed area must include no less than 25 active Key Clubs and Key Club International added to their list, the 33rd district. This was none other than the "Caribbean Atlantic District". We are all very proud of this new title and are working towards a better district every year. Special recognition must be given to K. Desmond Willet, our administrator and Ms. Rashida Beckles who was our Governor during the time.

In the year 2006, we got our first Male governor, Mr. Danny Babb. This was a pleasant change from the tradition and we hope it would encourage more guys to join the organization. Mr. Babb blazed a trail of excellence, as he personally made it his task to see that this Caribbean Atlantic District grows by leaps and bounds.

Following Mr Danny Babb, this district saw Ms. Amanda Walters and Mr.Rashad Brathwaite in the years 2007 and 2008 respectively.Following these 2 governor's the Caribbean Atlantic District saw a governor with a mission and a purpose. This governor was Ms. Ikwo Morris. Under her leadership the Caribbean Atlantic District saw it first year where both the District Project and Governor's project was implemented and the first District Convention at a hotel, a change from the regular Convention at a school. Ikwo's tenure with key club wasn't finished at Governor, she was also the district first international representative on the board as International Vice President.

After Ikwo's tenure as District Governor was Christiane King. Under the leadership of her, the district maintained a constant level of productivity and steady success. Ms Christiane King looks forward to being a regular key clubber and enjoying the activities and taking part in the service projects under the patronage of the Governor for 2011-2012, Ms Kaila Clarke - Mendes. 

The elected Govenor Kaila Clarke Mendes, for 2011-2012 looked forward to a productive year of Key Club. She proved her efficiency by priorly organizing the 2010 District Project, Happy Kits for Happier Days which helped in the aid of children in Barbados. Even though quiet, her leadership penetrated great barriers as her fervor for service shone boldly. She saw to the implementation of co-chairs within the district board which united the bonds and increased its productivity and efficiency. 

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