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Caribbean-Atlantic District

"Small in size, yet strong in service."      


Ms. Sophia Chase

District Administrator


Jackson Nannie

International Trustee


Matthew Weatherhead

District Governor

Hey CAD! My name is Matthew Weatherhead and this year I have the pleasure of serving you as your District Governor! This year, my aim is to unite the CAD into a paradise of service. This can only happen if we all work together as a team this service year. I can’t wait to work with each and every one of you! You all inspire me to keep working hard because I know that to serve the best I must be the best. Keep on serving and embody the spirit of Key Club in whatever you do. See you soon!

CONTACT: mathewwcad@gmail.com

Beatriz St. Hill 

District Secretary

Hey CAD. My name is Beatriz St. Hill and I am so excited to be the district secretary for this year. I'm 17 years old and I attend the Harrison college key club in Barbados. My goal for this year is to aid my fellow board members in uniting the clubs in the district and helping in every way possible to charter new clubs and reactivate dormant clubs throughout the Caribbean Atlantic District. This, in turn, will give even more people in this region the opportunity to experience the joy we as key clubbers feel as we serve our communities.

CONTACT: beatrizsthillcad@gmail.com

Ariana Layne

District Treasurer

My name is Ariana Layne and I am a 15 year student. I attend Harrison College in Barbados and i am a member of the Harrison College Key Club. This year in Key Club, it is a goal of mine to see more clubs receive early bird patches.

CONTACT: arianalaynecad@gmail.com 

Anisa Bradshaw

District Secretary-Treasurer

My name is Anisa Bradshaw, I am 16 years old and I am a member of the Harrison College Key Club in Barbados. One of my goals is to be the best District Secretary-Treasurer I can be as I provide service to my school, community and country. 

CONTACT: anisabradshawcad@gmail.com

Nathan Padmore

District Lieutenant Governor - Division 2

Hey CAD! I'm Nathan, the new LTG for Division 2. I'm 17 years old and I attend Queen's College in Barbados where I am also a member of its Key Club. This year, my main goals for the district are to increase its membership and unity as well as to reactivate any suspended clubs. My goals for Division 2 are for its clubs to be more interactive with each other and to execute "The C.A.R.E Project" which will be my Divisional Project for this Key Club Year. With these in mind, I hope to serve and maintain this Division as LTG's before me have done in the past. 

CONTACT: nathanpadmorecad@gmail.com 

Tori Stuart

District Lieutenant Governor - Division 3

Hi I'm Tori, I'm 17 years old and I'm apart of the Christ Church Foundation School Key Club in Barbados. My main goal for this year as the LTG of Divison 3 is to execute my divisional project "Hospital Helpers" and to bring unity and a family atmosphere between the clubs within my division.

CONTACT: toristuartcad@gmail.com 

Dominique Lopez

District Lieutenant Governor - Division 5

Hey CAD, my name is Dominique Lopez and i’m 15 years old. I was born in Aruba and I attend the International School of Aruba’s Key Club. I have various goals this year for Key Club, which include: creating a larger and more influential footprint in the community with social projects and activities, interact with Key Club members to unify our division more and strengthen the bond between clubs and members, and also to help our  community by contributing various social projects and staying active.

CONTACT: dominiquelopezcad@gmail.com 

Rachel Mekdeci

District Lieutenant Governor - Division 6

Hello, Caribbean Atlantic District! My name is Rachel Mekdeci and I am a 17 year old Guyanese-American about to start my senior year of high school. My home club is the Georgetown International Academy (GIA) Key Club in Georgetown, Guyana and my main goal for this year is to expand Division 6 as much as possible by chartering new clubs and making bigger and better service projects.

CONTACT: rachelmekdecicad@gmail.com 

Rickan Alleyne


I am Rickan Alleyne. This year as District Bulletin Editor I strive to further develop our District, both through media presence and continuity of excellent service. I especially look forward to working with the Caribbean Atlantic District Board as we foster a District that’s strong in service. We all know the difference the CAD makes in our communities and it’s due time that we share it with the rest of the world!

CONTACT: rickanalleynecad@gmail.com